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  1. 01. United Way & The BC Ministry of Social Development

    What does a social innovation lab look like, its value, and how can it be utilized in Nanaimo? During a 3hr […]

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  2. 02. Port Theatre

    Participants where introduced to the concept of what the proposed new addition to the Port Theatre; The Community Performing Arts Centre will […]

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  3. 03. Cultural Managers Group

    As a result of the development of the City of Nanaimos’ Cultural Plan, the Cultural Managers Working Group was formed. […]

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  4. 04. Island Health | Food hubs

    Food Security is anything but simple. VIHA (Vancouver Island Health Authority) and Vancouver Islands eleven Food Hub leads, employed Awarewolf Creative […]

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  5. 05. City of Nanaimo

    The Culture and Heritage Department is an innovative, inclusive and approachable entity that encourages and fosters collaborative relationships by […]

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  6. 06. DNBIA

    In collaboration with the DNBIA (Downtown Nanaimo Business Association), the Storefronts Project began as a fledgling idea and blossomed […]

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  7. 07. Regional District of Nanaimo

    The annual Green Building Series showcases Vancouver Island homes and buildings that are progressive in their sustainability and minimal environmental […]

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  8. 08. Nettle & Co.

    This local company is committed to producing high quality, fresh, hand made, wild natural products that promote optimum health and […]

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  9. 09. TMC Press

    Publishing books based primarily on financial planning, TMC Press has been working with Awarewolf Creative for over 4 years […]

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  10. 10. Nanaimo Art Gallery

    Based in downtown Nanaimo, this vibrant gallery showcases both local, national and internationally renowned artists work. Offering a diverse […]

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